The Ins And Outs Of Roofing Warranties

April 5, 2024

All You Need To Know About
Roofing Warranties In The
Greater Houston Area

The Ins And Outs Of
Protecting Your
New Roof

When installing roofing on your Greater Houston area home, one of the last things you are probably thinking about is ways to protect it. However, neglecting your roof’s warranty can quickly become costly if something goes wrong.

Warranties are designed to ensure that you are covered if a manufacturer makes a mistake or if something goes wrong with an installation. If your materials are faulty or your company makes a mistake, you want to ensure you aren’t left paying for it out of your own pocket.

To guarantee you get the best warranty, it’s important to understand what they are and how they work. Houston Roofing and Construction has created this all-inclusive guide to make sure you don’t go into your roofing project blind.

Workmanship Vs. Manufacturer’s Roofing
Warranties – What’s The Difference?

One of the first things you should know about warranties is that there are a few different types that cover different things. While some protect you from a manufacturing mistake, others protect you when your installation goes wrong.

Understanding the two types is vital in ensuring that your roofing is protected in any scenario.

A Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers malfunctions with the roofing materials. For example, if your shingles arrive damaged or show signs of defect after being installed, the manufacturer will typically pay the cost of replacing them.

It’s important to remember that this type of warranty will usually only cover defective shingles. They won’t cover the cost of replacing roofing materials that were installed incorrectly. There’s another warranty for that.

Most manufacturer’s warranties will last for a few years. However, the manufacturer warranty offered by Houston Roofing and Construction is even better. As Master Elite Certified contractors for GAF Roofing, we can offer their Golden Pledge warranty.

It comes with 50 years of non-prorated coverage and covers the entire roofing system. We even offer a workmanship warranty to our customers.

A Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty is designed to cover the cost of fixing mistakes made by a residential roofing installation team. Typically, this will cover the cost of labor and materials to ensure you can replace anything damaged during the installation process.

Many workmanship warranties cover your roofing installation for up to two years, and they are primarily offered by the roofing contractors themselves. Houston Roofing and Construction offers a 25-year workmanship warranty backed by GAF Roofing.

Common Exclusions You Should Know
About In Roofing Warranties

While roofing warranties may cover a lot, there are some things that are commonly excluded that every homeowner should be aware of.

First things first, most warranties will not cover mistakes made during a home installation. If you have considered installing your own roofing materials, it might be wise to reconsider.

Warranties usually require that the roofing installation be completed by a reputable and reliable company. Additionally, your warranty may be null and void if changes have been made to the roof after the initial installation. Make sure to check with your contractor to ensure your roof is covered even after repairs have been made.

It’s also important to know that warranties usually aren’t designed to cover roof damage caused by a storm. That’s what your home insurance is for.

Luckily, we’re experienced in helping homeowners navigate their home insurance claims after a storm and can help you get what you need.

Activating Your Roof Warranty With The
Help Of Your Roofing Contractor

Upon completion of your new roof and final payment, your roofing contractor will register your warranty for you. You will receive an electronic copy, as well as an original in the mail for your records. It’s simple!

How Do You Make A Roofing Warranty Claim?

While we all hope we don’t have to make a warranty claim, there may come a day when it’s necessary. But don’t worry. The process isn’t as bad as you may think.

One of the most important things to do when making a claim is to provide a detailed explanation of the problem. You can call on the roofing contractor who initially did the installation to complete an inspection and make detailed notes.

If you are concerned that the installation is the problem, contact an independent representative to complete an inspection. Houston Roofing and Construction has our installations inspected by an independent manufacturer representative to ensure everything was done just right.

Once you have all the details written down, submit it to the manufacturer or the company.

Houston Roofing and Construction makes our customer’s comfort and satisfaction our number one priority. When you come to us, we offer a detailed overview of what your warranty covers before we complete your installation.

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