When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

April 24, 2021

Looking for the perfect time of the year to replace your roof in Houston?
It may just be during the colder months

When your roof needs to be replaced, you don’t want to wait too long to get around to it. The longer the roof is in disrepair, the more damage could possibly be done to your ceilings, your indoor air quality, insulation, and the structural integrity of your home. When should you have your roof replaced? In this case, we’re not talking about the signs that tell you your roof needs to be replaced — you already know that it does. But what is the best time of year to replace your roof?

As with most things, it depends on your circumstances and what you want from your roof replacement. 

How Badly Does Your Roof Need To Be Replaced?

How urgently do you need your roof replaced? If you’re simply planning to upgrade from a roof of over 20 years, you can afford to wait some time. If, however, your roof damage is leading to leaks or possibly roof rot, then the best time of year to replace your roof would be as soon as possible. In some cases, the state of the roof becomes more urgent than the climate, and you need to simply focus on getting rid of the old roof before it causes more damage.

What Is Your Schedule Like?

Do you work from home, or do you have a demanding schedule that restricts when you can have your roof replaced? During spring and summer, roofers tend to have their hands full. The warmer months are peak season, which can mean that scheduling is much trickier. Your roofer will have limited availability, as they will be helping others with their roofs, and you could find yourself waiting weeks or even multiple months before you find a day that works for both you and your roofer. If you have a demanding schedule, try to schedule a roof replacement during the colder months, when your roofer is likely to have a less demanding schedule.

The Best Time of the Year To Save Money

If you want to save money, consider having a roof replacement in the winter months. Business is slow for roofers and contractors of any kind in winter, so roofers are often able to get a discount from suppliers when it comes to materials. This discount means that they’re better able to offer you a discount on your roof, and possibly even on the installation of the roof. If you’re working within a tight budget or you want to opt for a more expensive but more durable roofing material — such as metal roofing, having a winter roof replacement is probably the best choice for you.

Why Fall Is the Best Time To Have a Replacement Roof Installed

Again, the best time of year to have a replacement roof installed can be subjective; but many homeowners claim that fall is the best time. It’s not so cold as to be uncomfortable, but the peak season of spring and summer has begun to wear down. In fall, you can enjoy more freedom with scheduling, more attention from your roofers, and a quality roof replacement. This may or may not be the right choice for you (consider, again, replacing your roof sooner if you notice pressing issues), but it certainly has its benefits.

Why the Right Roofer Matters

Regardless of the time of year you choose to install your roof, it matters that you choose the right roofer. The right roofer will be able to take a look at your roof from the beginning and tell you whether roof repairs or replacements are necessary. If you don’t need a full replacement, then the right roofer can save you possibly thousands of dollars. 

They will also have the best materials and know the best time of year and weather conditions to install them. Having a roof installation in the winter months? A good roofer will consider things like thermal sealing. They’ll have a procedure for adverse weather and will be able to keep you posted so your project isn’t too delayed by it. No matter what time of year you choose for your roof installation, make sure you have a roofer you can trust.

In Houston and the surrounding areas, let that roofer be Houston Roofing. We are a GAF Master Elite roofer, something only 3% of roofers can claim because we are obsessed with offering high-quality roofing solutions. We can help you find the perfect time of year to install your roof. Contact Houston Roofing today to learn more or to schedule your own roof replacement.

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