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How HRC Can Help With Roof Insurance Claims

Are you considering making an insurance claim on your Conroe, TX, roof? If your roof is damaged and needs replacing, it makes sense for you to reach out to your insurance company. After all, you pay your home insurance to help with these issues.

However, most people discover that making a claim on your home insurance for your roof is more challenging than you initially thought.

Remember, insurance companies want to avoid payouts. Thus, they often riddle the process with tons of paperwork and find loopholes to get out of accepting this claim. Sadly, the process can take several months to straighten out, and whether you get approved or not can go either way.

Houston Roofing & Construction is here to help make the process a little easier for those hoping to get a claim approved via their insurance.

Roof Insurance Claims In Conroe, TX

The approval of any insurance claim will ride on the adjuster that looks at your roof. The problem is that many adjusters are not doing a great job at spotting damage.

We have seen adjusters who don’t know the difference between damage caused by hail when compared to the damage caused by wind. For this reason, a lot of Conroe, TX homeowners find their claim is denied. Correctly identifying the damage to your home is a crucial first step in the claims process.

While you can appeal, it is best to have professionals working on your side to show the true extent of the damage.

The good news is that HRC is here to help! We will work alongside the entire way you to ensure your claim is approved. How do we do this?

When the adjuster arrives to inspect your home, we will be present to help point out roof damage – so nothing is overlooked. Plus, we’ll be there to illustrate why the damage is related to a storm, thanks to our experience in the field.

We take pictures of the damage to submit to your insurance company and prove our point. Thankfully, we make a case for your insurance claim, making it nearly impossible for your insurance company to deny this.

Why Do People Work With Us?

Many homeowners turn to us before starting the insurance claim process, as they have heard the horror stories of what happens when you try this on your own.

As a local roofing contractor, we know everything there is to know about roofs, and we put this knowledge to good use for you! A few other reasons people turn to us include:

  • Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+.
  • All those who work with HRC are working for us — we are not subcontracting any of the work we do, including working with insurance claims.
  • The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas licenses us despite no state mandates for roofers.

In addition, if you were to look at our reputation, you will find several people praise us for the help we give them during the insurance process. If we have helped others, we can help you as well!

FAQ About Roof Insurance Claims

Will Working With HRC Reduce The Time It Takes To Get An Insurance Claim Approved?

While we do not have control over how long your insurance company will take to look over the claim, we do find that working with us helps to make the approval process shorter. Our team will ensure that your documents are in order and the damage is adequately reported.

By working with professionals who know the ins and outs of roof damage, your insurance company will see the documented damage is hard to deny.

Ultimately, it is faster to have your claim approved the first go around rather than going through this again because it was denied — our professional help can help avoid the denial.

Have We Worked With Conroe, TX Insurance Companies Before?

Yes! We have worked with numerous local insurance companies, as well as those national companies. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies, which helps us get your paperwork to be approved faster.

Once A Claim Is Approved, Do I Need To Pay Anything?

When insurance claims are involved, there is a deductible. A deductible is paid once your claim has been approved. In most cases, a deductible for a home insurance policy is anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, depending upon your policy.

You will find that paying a deductible for your home insurance to cover a roof replacement is cheaper than paying for the entire roof out of your pocket.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Trinity J.
    “I highly recommend this company! They’re insured, licensed, have a Master Certification in roofing, and more. The staff is professional, and they go the extra mile for customers and exemplify integrity. Ryan listened to our needs and he’s a great communicator! Thank you.”
  • Richard J.
    “We hired Houston Roofing and Construction for an insurance restoration project. Ryan (the Project Manager) was professional and very knowledgeable about both the insurance process and the restoration needs. Ryan and the team at HRC were easy to work with and I would strongly recommend them to anyone that is dealing with property insurance and/or residential construction needs.”
  • Nick S.
    “I was wowed at their responsiveness and professionalism. They were able to make it out to my home quickly and took care of my problem. Would recommend!”

Let Us Help You With Your Conroe, TX Roof Insurance Claim

If you believe your Conroe, TX roof has been damaged by the elements and you are covered by your insurance, let us help with this roof insurance claim process. We offer free consultations to determine what is wrong with your roof and can help ensure your claim is filed correctly.

Contact us today or call us at 832-237-3737!

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