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Update Your Home With Residential Asphalt
Shingle Replacement In Spring, TX

Roof Repairs Make Your House
Look YEARS Newer

Protect your home from water damage with residential asphalt shingle replacement in Spring, TX.

Weather, wind, and time take their toll on a roof. When you notice loose shingles on your roof, it’s essential to take action. Otherwise, leaks can occur – and that moisture can cause further roof damage.

Our team of professional project managers at Houston Roofing can handle every aspect of your shingle replacement. Our highly trained experts make roof repairs a breeze.

Skillful Residential Asphalt Shingle Replacement
In The Greater Houston Area

Professional roofer replacing asphalt shingles

Residential Asphalt Shingle Replacement

Damaged shingles can spell disaster for a damaged roof. Blistered, peeling, and cracked shingles make a roof susceptible to the elements.

During a roof inspection, our team assesses your entire roof. We’ll give you an honest assessment to determine whether it’s time for a roof replacement or simply some repairs.

When it’s time for a roof replacement, we get it done right. We use time-tested GAF shingles, the best on the market.

We’re experts in determining not just what needs to be replaced but why. We’ll determine if damage was caused by a storm or hail – in which case, insurance or warranties could contribute to the cost of repairs or roof replacement.

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Why Trust Houston Roofing & Construction
For Residential Asphalt Shingle
Replacement In Spring, TX?

Our Elite Team Gets The Details
Right For Stunning Results

We want your results to be unbelievable – and we think we’ve cracked the code. Our unique approach to roofing has earned us satisfied customers time and time again.

#1: Licensed, Certified, And Trusted

Here in Texas, there are ZERO licensing requirements to be a roofer.

For real.

We started wondering, how do customers even know who to trust?

We wanted to take that question completely off the table when it comes to Houston Roofing & Construction. So, we’ve worked to get prestigious licenses and certifications that demonstrate our professionalism.

We’re proud to have an A+ BBB rating, an Elite GAF certification, and licensure with the Roofing Contractor Association of Texas.

Our dedication to integrity has earned us loyal customers who come back again and again.

#2: Always Local

We care about our customers. That’s why we’re dedicated to staying local. We’re called Houston Roofing & Construction because we serve clients in HOUSTON.


Well, we want you to know that we’ll be around. We won’t take off in the middle of your project to take care of storm damage hours away. We’re here for YOU – not to chase the biggest paycheck in an unsustainable radius.

#3: Professional Project Managers

We want your experience to be completely hassle-free.

How do we achieve this?

We’ve built a team of expert project managers dedicated to making your project stress-free. From start to finish, they’ll walk you through your options, keep in touch while your shingle replacement is done, and ensure you’re happy with the results.

Nobody likes calling to hear about a project and constantly getting transferred to a new person. When you work with us, you’ll have a touchpoint person who can answer ALL your questions.

#4: Customer-Centered

We care about YOU – catching a theme here?

Our work doesn’t mean anything if customers aren’t pleased. We take pride in achieving incredible results that we’re happy with and that you are happy with.

We make sure to keep our priorities straight by following four core values: integrity, accountability, education, and professionalism. Everything we do is centered around these old-school values.

Reviews Of Roof Repairs From Houston Roofing

Clients Love Our Constant Communication

We work hard to ensure our work is more than good enough – we want EXCELLENCE. It’s so rewarding to hear that our dedication shows.

  • Melissa R.
    “I am very pleased with Houston Roofing and Construction. Justin was very quick to come out, assess the damage on my roof, and get me a quote. The crew came out and did a great job fixing the roof. I would highly recommend Justin and Houston Roofing and Construction.”
  • Stephen A.
    “My contact at Houston Roofing and Construction was Robert. I was extremely impressed, pleased, and satisfied with Robert’s straightforward manner and honesty. I was not looking forward to dealing with a roofing company, having heard many nightmare stories from others. I was quite surprised and relieved by Robert’s way of dealing with me. No attempt at a hard sell, no confusing terminology. In fact, Robert was helpful in explaining the insurance company’s quote, which used confusing terms. The work was done well and completed in the time estimated and for the amount quoted. No additional costs were incurred, and no hidden fees were charged. I highly recommend Houston Roofing and Construction. Ask for Robert!”
  • Branden M.
    “Great experience with Houston Roofing and Construction. They were fast, efficient, and honest with our quote and roof repair. I would highly recommend it!”

FAQs About Spring, TX, Residential Asphalt Shingle
Replacement With Houston Roofing & Construction

Q: What Does It Cost To Replace An Asphalt Shingle Roof?

A: Well, replacing a damaged asphalt roof costs much less than repairing the entire building!

If your asphalt roof no longer provides the protection your home needs, it causes a whole chain reaction of damage to occur. Moisture can seep into walls and ceilings – or even the foundation.

It’s worth it to replace a non-functional roof before the rest of the building suffers.

Every roof replacement is different. Your price will depend on the amount of damage, the size of the roof, and similar factors.

We’re committed to providing cost-effective roofing solutions. We’ll work with you to find the cause of the damage in case insurance or warranties will cover shingle replacement. In addition, we offer flexible financing solutions.

Q: How Long Does Residential Roofing Repair Take?

A: For most homes, a roof replacement can be performed in one to two days. More involved projects can take longer, but we will work hard to accommodate your scheduling needs . Your project manager will give you an estimate of the timeline and keep you up to date throughout the entire process.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Asphalt Shingle Replacement?

A: Replacing a damaged roof doesn’t just protect your home. It can actually add value to the property.

Additionally, a new roof definitely freshens up the look of your home. A roof replacement can make a place look years newer.

Q: Can I Learn More About Houston Roofing?

A: We love sharing about our work. Find more information about our company on the following pages:

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